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Dave’s Mocha Chicken

In Chicken on February 3, 2010 at 5:33 pm

Look how sticky and shiny!

Lately, I have been all about sticky chicken. Maybe because Mr. Gorilla and I have been trying to curb our dessert habit, but I can’t seem to get rid of this craving! Grilled chicken is nice and all, but there’s something about a sweet, syrupy, sticky chicken thigh that just makes my mouth water. So yeah, I’ve been trolling the intertubes in search of various recipes I haven’t tried yet.

I came across the recipe for Dave’s Mocha Chicken a couple of days ago on AllRecipes. I forget how, probably Stumbling or something – AllRecipes is a great tool, but I just don’t have the patience to wade through so many. Anyway, I found this recipe, and the idea of using coffee in the marinade piqued my interest. We are  HUGE coffee drinkers in this house. We grind our own beans and use our espresso machine every day. EVERY day. Yes, we are caffeinated. In fact, we are continually trying to justify trying that $120/lb. coffee that they run through a civet because it’s supposed to be the best in the world. We haven’t done it yet – we’re trying to buy a house, and at the rate we go through a pound of coffee, we’re afraid of starting an expensive habit that could preclude our dreams of ownership!

But, there is always very strong coffee around, and yesterday we just happened to have some left over from our noontime coffee-on-the-patio. I also just happened to have a few chicken thighs in the freezer – voila! Perfect opportunity! So I did. And can I just say, omigod! It was fantastic! Perfectly sticky, and the marinade does wonderous things to the chicken! I was going to make some lovely mashed potatoes to go with it, but I totally sucked at everything yesterday, and the potatoes did not come to pass. I tried, but shortly after putting them on to boil, my brain apparently slid out of my left ear, and I forgot about them. Yes, ladies and gentleman, the girl who writes a food blog allowed the water to boil away, and only realized her mistake when the smell of horribly burnt potatoes filled the house. Yes. I am a dope. So we had salad instead.

Back to the recipe – it was perfect in itself, but I changed it a little because I was lazy:

1. Instead of cooking the chicken in a pan, I roasted it. That’s all. Oven at 375 for about 40 minutes. I did turn and baste often, to maximize the stickiness, but it was worth it! Did you see how brown and beautiful they came out?

2. Since I didn’t use the whole pan thing, I boiled the marinade as instructed, then let it simmer until reduced by half. This is what I used to baste with, and I poured the leftovers into a small bowl and served it as dipping sauce. It was great on the chicken, but Mr. Gorilla actually started dipping bread in it when he ran out of chicken! I thought it was a little too salty for that myself. He also poured it on his salad as dressing. I know.

All in all, a very successful dish. Good job Dave! It would have been better with potatoes, but I do have my stupid days. I tend to run hot and cold – sometimes I’m darn near genius, but other times I can’t be trusted with a spoon. The potato incident was only the beginning yesterday, too. By bedtime, I had managed to hit myself in the face with Mr. Gorilla’s hand (don’t ask), and douse myself and my kitchen wall when a piece flew off the faucet just as I turned it on full blast. Yes, and since said piece was actually broken and couldn’t be immediately replaced, I continued to soak myself every time I turned on the faucet because I kept forgetting it was broken. Yeah. That’s the kind of day I had. It seems to be better today, but I haven’t really done anything complicated yet.

If I don’t post tomorrow, you can safely assume it’s not.


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