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Who Loves Fish Cakes?

In Fish on February 11, 2010 at 5:45 pm

I could easily become addicted to these.

Okay, attention all fish cake aficionados: let me query you. Last night, I had an inexplicable craving for fish cakes. What do I mean by inexplicable? I mean I’ve never actually had them before, nor have I ever felt a burning desire to have them. So you tell me where that craving came from.

Anyway, being a fish cake virgin (I ought to wash your mind out with soap!), I had no recipe or old family/regional tradition to fall back on. I live in South Florida – our regional seafood tradition is reservations at Joe’s Stone Crabs. I did grow up in Delaware, where we borrow quite a bit of cuisine and vacation real estate from the Chesapeake Bay area, so I’ve had awesome crab cakes before – but seeing as how lump crabmeat is about $18 for 8 oz and Maryland blue crabs (my favorite crab) are running $55 per bushel, I figured I couldn’t satisfactorily explain the expense to Mr. Gorilla.

So I searched the internet for fish cake recipes. I skipped over any that had mayo (blart!), were deep fried, or looked like they were mostly filler. I finally came across what seemed like a good one on All Recipes, so I made it. I have to say I was a little underwhelmed. I mean, yeah, they were good – Mr. Gorilla kept looking at me and grunting his approval through a full mouth (and he ate ten of them), but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. I couldn’t really taste the fish, and there seemed to be WAY too much onion in there for my taste. Almost more like onion cakes.

Now, I did not use salted cod, because I had Swai. Maybe that was the issue. And maybe they’re supposed to have a ton of onions – when I mentioned to the Mr. that I’d probably cut the onion by half next time, he swallowed convulsively and asked why. Apparently he liked them that way.

I spritzed them with lemon and served them with tartar sauce and salad – is that right? I feel like such an idiot about this, really. But here is what I want you guys to do:

Look at the recipe I used here, and tell me if it looks like a good one to you. Make it, if you want. The reviews seemed pretty good, so maybe I’m just not a big fan of fish cakes.  But what I want most of all is for you to send me a link to your favorite fish cake recipe. To me, the ideal fish cake would taste like actual fish, not have a ton of filler, be firm but tender, and be just barely holding together. The chunks of fish should be visible.

But that’s just my humble opinion, and I may not even like fish cakes.


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