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Change is A’Comin’!

In Uncategorized on December 11, 2010 at 4:59 pm

Hello, darlings. No, I have not forgotten about you. Things have been busy around here, what with renovating the house and all. Yes, I’ve been cooking, and no, it’s nothing I’m particularly eager to share with you. Boring stuff. Diet stuff.

So yeah, I let myself get away from me a bit, so I went on a VERY TEMPORARY high-protein diet to assist my progress with a particular fitness routine. It bit big donkey butt. I love meat, don’t get me wrong – if you’ve been following my site at all, you already know about my passion for bacon. But when it’s all meat, all the time, it gets tiresome and boring, and you start to smell funny.

So I’m eating normally once again. Unfortunately, today that meant eating a bunch of homemade graham crackers, but I’m usually better than that.

ANYHOO, I’ve dropped in to let you know what’s going on with the site. Big changes are in the works, and even though one of them in particular might be a little painful at first, it will be good for you in the long run. I promise.

After the first of the year, Kitchenella will have a new look, and will be hosted on our own domain. So I’ll be able to put up a lot more cool stuff, and there will be widgets and gadgets and things to play with. Yay!

Here’s the part that might hurt — after the first, my recipes will be geared towards healthy living.


Calm down, dears, and let me explain.

As many of you know, I write for a living. I recently began writing for LIVESTRONG.com, which is all about diet and fitness and nutrition, and it’s been great. I’ve been all about this stuff for most of my life, and it’s been great getting reliable info to the masses.

The problem is, I have to sit on my butt all day in front of the computer. Great for the bank account, not so great for the butt. Or the back. Or the thighs. See where I’m going with this? It got to the point where my workouts got edged out in favor of either renovations or writing.

So I figured I needed to find a way to work out for a living. Get this – I’m going to be a personal trainer! Yeah, I’m psyched. But as a personal trainer, I can’t very well write a blog about Breakfast Pizza or Burgers Parm. Doesn’t jibe.

So my site will concentrate on healthy foods that are easy to make and don’t require exotic ingredients that you have to trek through the jungles of (insert faraway place here) to find. Oh yeah — and they have to taste good, to0.

In order to get healthy and stay healthy, you have to make it a lifestyle. Diets don’t work, because there’s a stop point, after which you go back to eating like crap and become a great big fattie again. So I’m going to focus on creating recipes that are so delicious, you won’t even notice that you’re eating healthy food. Like last night, the Gorilla and I had blackened Mahi with Greek chickpea salad with cranberries and sauteed spinach. Delish. And good for you! See, it can be done. Today’s graham cracker episode notwithstanding.

C’mon folks. This is a train we can all get on, okay?

I’ve been writing a bunch of articles that debunk popular fad diets, diet pills and supplements, and I’ll link to them on the new site. Useful information, but here’s a spoiler — they don’t work. Ever. None of them. Nope, they don’t. Not even that one. I’ve inspected ingredient lists, searched through databases and digested research reports. They are all scams, and some are downright dangerous. Here’s a clue — if it works and is safe, it will be prescription-only and cost a fortune. If the major drug companies are competing to find the cure for obesity, do you really think some penny-ante supplement company has the lock on the secret formula? No. They lie.

So yeah, that’s what’s going on. New year, new Kitchenella. I hope you’ll join me.


Oh yeah — if you want to look for me on LIVESTRONG, I write under the name Tricia McMillan. It’s a pen name! Only because I don’t have final editorial control over my work, and the editors often edit their little butts off, and by best stuff gets cut. <le sigh> Anyway, bonus if you know where the name comes from!

  1. Awesome website. Thank you! I put your feed on my RSS reader!

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